I feel I have so much to write right now it’s ridiculous. I’ve been silent on my blog for a while now. You know, my own little piece of the internet that I own and that nobody else can mess with.

This is the place that’s been a constant in my life through broken friendships, failed attempts at dating, and tens of thousands of miles. I love it.

I almost thought about abandoning WordPress for Medium–in fact, I wrote about it–but I think I’ll keep this hunk of awesomeness after all.

It’s a fine spot.

So here are my words.

It’s 2017! Yay! The “Established in 2016” part of my logo makes my blog look extra old now, and established!

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A couple days ago I went over my five-year plan, which I recommend everyone should do. I have three goals that I hope to accomplish by the end of 2022, you ready?

  1. Visit every single country.
  2. Buy a place to live in San Francisco.
  3. Pay off all my student loan debt.

All of these goals are hella ambitious. I mean, each one could possibly take a decade to do, but my thing is I might as well shoot for the moon here. You know the rest of that phrase.

So, I’m going to visit every country! How sweet is that? This is no minor undertaking. In fact, I’m sure I’m underestimating it big time. But I said that about my first trip, and some doubted me then, too. But what about countries that aren’t the least bit safe? I guess I’ll figure that out later.

So, what about 2017? What am I going to do right this second?

Right now I’m coaching wrestling at my old high school. I’m biding my time back home in grand ole Bel Air, MD. I’m enjoying feeding copious amounts of steak to my German Shepherd when my parents aren’t looking (I know you’re reading, Mom).

But what about later? What about March and beyond when wrestling season ends? What will I do then?

The short answer: Stay.

I’m going to stay. My sister’s getting married in July and I want to save some money up in the meantime. I’m also going to be building up my audience! I have two publications on Medium:

  • The Post-Grad Survival Guide – A publication offering up tips for college students, recent grads, and others trying to navigate the tricky waters of post-grad life.
  • Finding Tom – A shorter version of this blog. No, I’m not cheating, I’m just offering up bite-sized articles instead of the meat-and-potatoes that is this site.

My goal is to monetize these two spots and use that money to write on my blog full time. I guess you can add “accomplish financial freedom” to my five-year plan.

Okay, now is the time for the big announcement.

I’m doing a second road trip this summer. I’ll be visiting awesome cities like New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and (maybe) Toronto on my way up to Grand Rapids, Michigan. From Grand Rapids I’ll (maybe) cut north into Canada, and head up to Bannf to explore Alberta. I only say maybe because there’s a few things I’m waiting to hear back on. All my plans should be finalized by May or June.

My end game is Phoenix by August. I have some ballin people I wanna see there and I just love the heck out of Arizona anyway.

Oh, by the way, get my brand spanking new ebook guys.

That brings me to Fall/Winter of 2017 (DAH DAH DAHHHHHH).

I would like to embark on my first out-of-country trip by this time. I would like to make enough from my blog and Medium publications to legitimately go on a trip where all I do is travel and see awesome stuff. Is that too much to ask, world?

I’m talking a 3-6 month trek. Ya feel?

Where will I go? South America? Europe? Something tells me I should head off to Europe. Maybe I will.

The plan for 2017 is patience. And maybe, just maybe, if my audience grows enough in the long run, I can go off on a grand trip by the end of it where all of it is paid for via this little spot on the internet.

A man can dream.

So that’s my plan. Are these goals ambitious? Yes. Are they lucrative? Yes. Are they enough to make you want to shake me by my shoulders and say “Tom, you’re literally crazy what are you thinking?” YES.

But without a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning and get to work, what are you doing anyway?

Thanks for reading.

Peace and blessings.