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I Want To Be A Freelance Travel Writer

I want to become a freelance travel writer. There’s a couple recurring dreams that fly past my brain every now and then, and one of them is being able to write and travel the world at the same time.

I mean, could it really be that difficult? The average price of a hostel is about $20-$30 a night depending on where you are. I even found some nice rooms on Airbnb for $30-$45 per night.

If I were to make $125 per day freelancing (which is pretty doable), then I could make enough for a weeks rent in two days. And whenever I want to leave and go to a different country, it’s only about $100 per plane ride.

But what about trains?

The Eurorail is a nice option, with discounts for youth (anyone under 26 years of age). They can get you anywhere pretty much, and they’re even eager to help journalists working there. Speaking of journalism, I’d love to be a travel journalist too.

Anyway, I’d just go to the market to get food and cook it wherever I’m staying. That’s food, rent, and travel expenses, and I think I could cover it.

My gosh, what’s stopping me?

For one, a plane ticket over there and a passport. And I’d also love to have $2,000 stashed away just in case something happens and all my clients dry up on me. That way I could keep vacationing.

The one monkey wrench to it all is the fact that I’m paying back student loans. I’d have to have some money stashed away to take care of that monthly payment. I feel like I need to do this. I feel like I’ll learn so many things, but there’s just a few things stopping me.

But what’s really stopping me? Money? What happens when I get it? I need to take this journey. I’m single and I have nothing tying me down. I’m going to start planning now for a possible May or June vacation.

I want to go to Ireland, France, Germany (I’m German), Italy, and Greece. I don’t know where the hell I want to go there, but I’ll find out soon enough.

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