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What’s up? Oh, you want to get in touch with me? What do you want? … Hmm… Sounds suspicious. Oh, it’s nothing to be worried about? You sure? Okay, then I GUESS you can email me.

Before you send me an email, just know that I DO NOT accept guest posts. Idk, maybe I will later. For now, though, no.

Before you fire off that email (I can see your finger hovering above the ENTER button) here’s a list of reasons I deem acceptable for future emailers.

1. You want to just say what’s up.

2. You have a question for me. (DISCLAIMER: While I LOVE getting questions, just know I can’t always answer them. Search my website or Medium page first for any inkling of what you’re about to ask me. Just search it in Google. Search your question then type “Tom Kuegler” or “Finding Tom,” if nothing shows up after that, then sure you can email me.

3. You want to interview me for a podcast or something. Ooh! I love getting interviewed! 

4. You want to do a sponsored post with me. Dope, you chose the right person.

5. You want to take one of my courses. I’ll give you a discount code. ;)

6. You want to work with me in some way. Cool, I’ll entertain these if it’s a good opportunity.

If your email falls into any of the above categories, then congrats, I give you permission to email me. Here’s where you can reach me: tom(at)

Please don’t spam me. And please don’t send me 4 emails after your initial spam asking me if I read your initial email.

Business Address if you want to send me something: 246 Blackwater Place, Longwood, FL 32750, USA

See you in my inbox. ;)

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