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6 Examples Of Good LinkedIn Posts That Got 20,000 Views

I want to share some examples of good LinkedIn posts today. I looked far into my catalog of old content to come up with seven posts that did extremely well–some of them got over 100,000 views. I know, I’m just as stunned as you are about how good they did.

One particular video got over 250,000 views on LinkedIn in under one week.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Here’s six examples of good LinkedIn posts that went viral.

1. Selfie Video In The Singapore Airport

One time I gave major props to Singapore’s Airport in a LinkedIn video. It was a selfie video. I literally recorded it with my front-facing camera, wrote a short description, and posted that thing in under fifteen minutes.

I talked about how it took us less than fifteen minutes to check in, check bags, get through immigration, and get through security. It changed everything about how I viewed airports and was as close to a religious experience as I’ve ever had while traveling.

This is one of the examples of a good LinkedIn posts because it got over 250,000 views and 4,000 “likes.” While the message helped me go viral, the format is just as important. Selfie videos do great on LinkedIn. I highly recommend trying it out yourself. Just talk for two minutes to your front facing camera about a topic, write a short description, put a “title” overtop of the video via LinkedIn’s mobile app, and you’re set to go.

2. “Someone Plagiarized Me”

That was the beginning of a viral post. “Someone plagiarized me yesterday.” I then went on about how I didn’t appreciate it and urged people to NOT do that. It got about 25,000 views in the feed, which can also be considered “LinkedIn impressions.” That’s pretty darn viral to me.

Use this format to your advantage. “Someone fired me yesterday,” “Someone cursed at me yesterday,” and others can be a good starting point. Start with drama, and talk about what happened/how you responded to it.

3. “I Put $2,000 Towards My Student Loans Yesterday”

I put $2,000 towards my student loans about a year ago, wrote about it, and had people commending me left and right. Talking about “big wins” on LinkedIn is always a good decision. Talk about how much money your business made, how you achieved incredible sales figures, or even how you got married.

Never pass up the opportunity to talk about a big moment on LinkedIn! Also, take a quick peek at the way I used the #education hashtag at the end there. Use hashtags on LinkedIn when you can. Here’s a list of 50 of the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn in case you were interested.

4. Square Videos

I normally make square videos for my Facebook Page and then repost them on LinkedIn. Why? Because that format does really well on newsfeed-based platforms. Whenever I post a landscape video like the ones you see on Youtube, it hardly ever does well on Youtube or Facebook. Why? Because there’s no title overtop of it. Nobody knows what it’s about.

I use square videos with titles to make sure people know exactly what I’m talking about before they even start watching the video!

Here’s an example of a post that got close to 500 likes and over 20,000 views!

5. Posts About Amazing People You’ve Met

My most viral post of all time came off the back of a few images I took with a woman in the Philippines. She was a masseuse and I talked about the importance of tipping generously when you come into contact with a price that’s radically cheaper than what you’re accustomed to.

It got over 500,000 views and 11,000 likes. I see content like this do well all the time on LinkedIn. Take a picture with the security guard downstairs, the person selling amazing tacos at your local farmers market, or anybody else who’s story you dig, and tell their story a little bit.

That type of content does great on this platform.

6. Posts With Your Significant Other

Rounding out my 6 examples of good LinkedIn posts are romantic posts. Content regarding your significant other. I don’t recommend pulling these out of your hat so often, however if you want to show appreciation for someone you love every once in a while, the LinkedIn crowd will definitely oblige you in celebrating.

That actually really surprised me given how “professional” the platform is known to be.

Here’s an example of a post that got over 800 likes on LinkedIn. :)

Also, if you’re a blogger on Medium, consider reposting your Medium articles on LinkedIn. That’s a quick way to get some content churned up for the week. Keep in mind LinkedIn articles are different from LinkedIn posts. You can read more about the differences right here.

I hope you enjoyed those 6 examples of good LinkedIn posts.

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