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12 Creative LinkedIn Posts That Got 5,000+ Views

Each of the creative LinkedIn posts I’m about to show you got 5,000+ views. I’m taking all of these from my own personal content catalog on my profile.

1. Screenshot A Tweet

First of the creative LinkedIn posts? Screenshot a tweet and share it as a picture. LinkedIn loves picture posts. It’s clear to me the algorithm favors picture posts over video posts. Here’s an example below..

2. Share A Meme

You’ll probably be surprised that a meme got over 5,000 views on LinkedIn for me. Think again. Check this one out that I shared after I paid off all my student loans.

3. Vacation Pictures

A major part of work is vacation, whether LinkedIn cares to admit it or not. I find vacation pictures or even travel photos of me in certain places VERY great content for LinkedIn.

4. Posts From Negative Comments

Open your status update with something horrible someone said to you. It could be from the comment section or just spoken to you one time. This is one of those super creative LinkedIn posts that hooks the reader immediately, tells a story, and resolves it in 1200 characters.

5. Post About Your Significant Other

Don’t shy away from getting romantic on LinkedIn. Every time I share a photo of my significant other, even with a super short description, that tends to do well in the LinkedIn algorithm. It just shows a more human side of you and every person on planet earth can relate to being in love.

6. Talk About Your Health Journey

Okay so one time I entered into a jiu-jitsu tournament after six years of not competing and posted a video of it on LinkedIn. People really seemed to enjoy that! I think whether you post about diet, working out, weight loss, or anything related to pushing yourself physically, that’s something that the professional LinkedIn crowd can relate to.

7. Selfies With Friends

Yes, selfies also do well on LinkedIn. Are you as surprised as I was when I realized a lot of the stuff that does well on Facebook also does well on LinkedIn?

8. Talk About A Book You Just Read

LinkedIn is full of professionals who constantly try to better themselves. One time I posted a picture of me alongside a book that I just read and it got over 340 likes. I quoted a section from the book, reflected on it, then asked my audience if they have also read that book before. It generated a lot of comments and great discussion, for sure.

9. Share An Article From Medium

Every few weeks or so I share an article I wrote on Medium directly to LinkedIn. If you enjoy blogging at all, I’d highly recommend you share links to blog posts you wrote OCCASIONALLY. Don’t do it every day. You need to have a healthy balance of different content–videos, pictures, text–that you share with your audience.

10. Post A Square Video

Do you know how to make a square video? Probably not. Here’s a good tutorial on Youtube that should help you out. Square videos with a title over the top of them do EXTREMELY well on newsfeed-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They don’t do so well on Youtube because the native format there is rectangular.

Stash that one away because it’s one of my best-kept secrets. You can also post a selfie video on your mobile phone.

11. Talk About An Interesting Person You’ve Met

Is there someone you know from your daily life who has a really cool story? Take a picture with them and tell it on LinkedIn! Here’s a picture I took with a masseuse on a boat near the Philippines island of Panay. The post got over 11,000 likes! For all intents and purposes, it went viral on LinkedIn and is a good example of one of those creative LinkedIn posts. Don’t forget to use hashtags, too!

12. Talk About A Big Success

Perhaps no type of post does better on LinkedIn than when you talk about your success. Here’s an example post about how I made $600 on Medium.

This post got over 6,000 views in the feed and close to 100 likes. I’ve had success posts that did way better than that in the past, too. I see some people talk about getting 5,000 followers on Instagram, closing new business, or landing a new job. All of these posts–major life events–are great content for LinkedIn, and it’s something you need to be leveraging to create creative LinkedIn posts.

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