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Why You Shouldn’t Buy LinkedIn Likes (Account Termination)

If you’re thinking to buy LinkedIn likes, just know one thing going into it..

You’re going to get your account terminated.

Let’s talk about why, and what you can do instead..

If You Want To Buy LinkedIn Likes, You’ll Get Caught

Linkedin’s algorithm is incredibly sensitive to bot activity. I’ve seen many bot-based solutions that were alive years ago dead in the water today.

Recently I hired someone to help me respond to LinkedIn comments, and LinkedIn flagged me a few days later for suspicious activity. I had a regular human being helping me. What do you think is going to happen when you send a hundred bots to your post to give it a wee boost?

I do not mess around and buy LinkedIn likes because it’s going to end in my account getting terminated.

That defeats the whole entire purpose. You’ll be out of money, and you’ll be out of the account you just boosted.

Here’s a few alternatives to buying LinkedIn likes.

LinkedIn Pods

I’ve talked about LinkedIn pods before. These are basically just small communities of other “LinkedIn-ers” who agree to come in at a certain time and share each other’s posts. Then they “like” and “comment.” This is a better solution because one, you’re not spending any money, and two, it’s more organic and only typically done with 10 or so people.

This will not cause the LinkedIn algorithm to flag you.

I talk more about how to join a LinkedIn pod in this blog post.

Just Create Better Content Over Time

The second solution? Just create great content. It’s really not that hard to grow on LinkedIn at the moment. In fact, out of all the social media platforms out there today, I believe the organic reach is best on LinkedIn.

Why buy likes when getting them for free is so easy?

I have numerous guides on this website that’ll teach you how to create better LinkedIn content. I hope you take a look at them before you buy LinkedIn likes.

I have no idea why people generally pay for any sort of engagement online. Paying for likes isn’t going to bring business your way. It’s going to bring account termination your way.

So think about that before you decide whether to buy LinkedIn likes online.

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