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LinkedIn Post Generator: Create A Post In 30 Minutes

What is a LinkedIn Post Generator? Well, to those reading, it’s probably an infographic creator, right? I’ll be honest, I never really saw the value in solutions like Canva to create graphics for social media.

Don’t get me wrong–they work sometimes, but I always felt social media posts should be more personal.

I don’t want a graphic on my newsfeed. I want a picture of a person I follow. I want a video from them.

Give me something else, you know?

I have some genuine resources that can act as a Linkedin Post Generator for you, but I also want to urge you to look at YOURSELF as the LinkedIn Post Generator.

It may actually take you less time creating to adopt the latter approach.

Let’s get into it.

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1. Picmonkey

I actually use Picmonkey for all of my Youtube thumbnails. It’s the best $7.99 I spend per month. You can create a ton of different infographics for LinkedIn if that’s your thing. Here’s an example (below). I highly recommend Picmonkey because I feel the editing screen is much simpler to understand than Canva’s. Speaking of Canva..

2. Canva

I can’t get through a social media generator post without mentioning Canva, you know. I know you probably already know about Canva. So I’ll just leave a link right here and let you head on over there if you want. If you’ve never heard of Canva, it’s essentially like Picmonkey but a little bit harder to operate (if you asked me).

3. Screenshot A Tweet

What a fun way to generate a post for LinkedIn. Literally screenshot a popular tweet and upload it. Here’s an example..

I know the coronavirus info there is a bit flawed, but it’s still a good example of taking a tweet and posting it. That got about 6,000 views in the feed on LinkedIn along with 80 likes.

How’s that for a LinkedIn post generator?

4. Selfie Video

Take your phone out. Open the camera app. Put it to the video setting. Record yourself talking.

Bingo. We have content. It takes me all of ten minutes most times to shoot a selfie video, write a description, and upload directly to LinkedIn.

I’ve had some selfie videos of mine get hundreds of thousands of views.

How long would it take you to create an infographic for LinkedIn on Canva or Picmonkey? Probably at LEAST an hour. And guess what type of content would do better in the algorithm? The selfie video. I promise you.

Try it out sometime. This is a great way to generate content for LinkedIn.

5. Quotes From Your Favorite Books

Back in 2018, a few friends and I started the hashtag #quoteyourconnections on LinkedIn. The rules were simple, you quote one of your friends, reflect on the quote, hashtag your post with #quoteyourconnections, then nominate someone else to quote their connections as well.

The hashtag sort of took off. We had loads of people doing it, and it shows that quoting someone, as well as reflecting on what they said, does well on LinkedIn.

Now, you could quote your connections, or you could just take a quote from your favorite book and reflect on it. Find good ones that aren’t often seen online. Wise quotes, especially in front of the LinkedIn crowd, do very well typically.

That’s five LinkedIn post generator examples for your next social media campaign.

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