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Tom's Guide To Money And Investing

Ever since 2011, when I entered my first year in college, I was acutely terrified of money. The game of making money is the most important one there is when you get down to it. Those with the most money have the most freedom, and I certainly didn’t want to live a life slogging away at a 9-5 until I was 60 years old.

I didn’t want to just win the money game, I wanted to DOMINATE it.

The problem was when I got out of college I was staring $60,000 of student loan debt in the face. That stuff is scary. It’s especially scary when, four months into job-searching, absolutely nobody is hiring you.

That was 2015. Fast forward to to now and I’ve paid off all my student loan debt, invested some $40,000, and saved up another $40,000 that I’m waiting to put on a house somewhere, probably. Sure, my online business helped me a lot, but my investments have, so far, been pretty favorable.

I’ve read tons of books about investing, cryptocurrency, and personal finance that I might damn well write a book of my own one day. For now, you can read some of my thoughts on money down below.

Keep in mind that I’m continuing to update this page as I bring more posts from my Medium page.

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