In all honesty if you’re REALLY trying to get a free Medium Membership then you need to know something..

You won’t find out how to get one anywhere.

There is no Medium student discount or coupon or any way to get your Medium subscription for free.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but that’s a fact about the Medium Membership—there are no backdoor internet deals to find.

With that said, the title of this article IS ‘How To Get A Free Medium Membership,’ and to me there’s a great—albeit unorthodox—way you can pull this off. You can call it a Medium student discount, or whatever you want.

It requires a little creativity, humility, and a pinch of work to pull off.

You ready? Let’s go.

Write Something You’re Proud Of

Okay, so the cool thing about Medium is it allows anyone—regardless of whether they’re a member or not, to publish locked stories.

What’s a locked story? Read this post from me to find out..

Literally anybody can start making money on Medium if they just gave it a try and published a locked story.

Furthermore, I’ve seen a lot of people get started on Medium during the last year and make good money the first month they published locked stories.

In fact, I made $327 with one story on the Partner Program once.

In my email course I teach people how to gain followers, get into publications, and build their influence on Medium.

If you’re *JUST* getting started, you may want to check that out before writing a word. But if you’re brave, keep reading.

Publish Something You’re Proud Of As A Locked Story


My advice to you?

Have a little fun, write about something you want, and publish your first locked story.

Make sure to tag it with a few top tags and maybe even publish it in a publication to get some more reach.

1-2 stories may be all it takes for you to make at least $5 in one single month. How’s that for a Medium student discount?

And guess what, if you’re doing this, you just won yourself a month of Medium for free.

That’s how to get a free Medium Membership in a nutshell!

It’s not even like you’re doing a lot of work—you’ll probably just write a post about your life, have more fun than you thought you would, and then publish it for people to read.

All without spending a dime, by the way. Once you make that first $5, congratulations, you can now become a Medium Member for 0 dollars.

And who knows, you may stick with it and end up making WAY more than $5 per month in the coming weeks.