Is Medium free in 2021?

With talk of writers earning money on Medium and $5 subscription fees, you have to wonder whether it’s free to read/write on Medium at all.

The short answer to this?

It’s totally free to BOTH read and write on Medium.. BUT

Not everything is free to consume..

Let me explain for you..

Is The Medium Partner Program Free?

So before one year ago every post ever written on Medium was completely free to read. Then the fire nation attacke–AHEM, then Medium decided to roll out something called the Medium Partner Program.

It was a program designed to help writers make money on Medium itself.

After the changes, writers could “lock” a story that only Medium members could read.

I know what you’re thinking..

What the heck is a Medium member?!

A Medium member is someone who chooses to pay Medium $5 per month to get access to all the locked posts their heart desires.

If a member decides to then “clap” for any story they read on Medium (think of a clap like Medium’s version of a Facebook like), that author would then get a portion of that reader’s Medium membership fee.

I go over this process specifically in detail right here.

All you need to know is, nowadays there’s tons of locked stories on Medium’s platform, as well as regular people making $1,400+ per month from the Medium Partner Program.


If you asked me, it’s pretty rad, but it still begs the question.. is this platform free?

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Is Medium Free?

You can still make a Medium profile and browse their site for free. But if you came across a locked story of any kind, you’re sort of SOL.

Medium allows you to read 3 locked stories for free as a sort of kind gesture, but after that they lock your profile down (if you’re not a member) and you can’t read more than a few paragraphs of any locked story afterwards.

So, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

But you have to understand that certain posts aren’t free to read.