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The 43 Most Popular Medium Tags In 2021

The most popular Medium tags are hard to spot. There’s no list anywhere on the internet, no ‘leaderboard’ that Medium’s put out–it’s simply left up to us as writers to find them.

But that’s okay, because today I’m going to give you the most popular Medium tags.

List updated in April, 2021

  1. Life (520,000 followers)

  2. Startup (487,000 followers)

  3. Blockchain (473,000 followers)

  4. Poetry (455,000 followers)

  5. Life Lessons (452,000 followers)

  6. Politics (396,000 followers)

  7. Health (374,000 followers)

  8. Love (350,000 followers)

  9. Travel (334,000 followers)

  10. Technology (334,000 followers)

  11. Entrepreneurship (333,000 followers)

  12. Self Improvement (332,000 followers)

  13. Education (330,000 followers)

  14. Writing (324,000 followers)

  15. Business (320,000 followers)

  16. Cryptocurrency (314,000 followers)

  17. Design (267,000 followers)

  18. Social Media (241,000 followers)

  19. Music (228,000 followers)

  20. Relationships (214,000 followers)

  21. Social Media (214,000 followers)

  22. Sports (209,000 followers)

  23. Mental Health (202,000 followers)

  24. Productivity (187,000 followers)

  25. Programming (186,000 followers)

  26. Food (167,000 followers)

  27. Leadership (166,000 followers)

  28. Javascript (160,000 followers)

  29. Art (152,000 followers)

  30. Fiction (143,000 followers)

  31. Humor (143,000 followers)

  32. Artificial Intelligence (143,000 followers)

  33. UX (138,000 followers)

  34. Culture (136,000 followers)

  35. Books (135,00 followers)

  36. Photography (128,000 followers)

  37. Creativity (126,000 followers)

  38. Data Science (123,000 followers)

  39. Psychology (119,000 followers)

  40. Software Development (117,000 followers)

  41. Coronavirus (115,000 followers)

  42. Self (104,000 followers)

  43. Family (103,000 followers)

There you have it! A list of Medium top tags. Tags are useless, though, without a well-written Medium story. Here’s a blog post from me that’ll help you write better Medium stories (next sentence). Curation is key–this post will show you how to get curated on Medium.

QUICK NOTE: If you take my free email course, I give you a Google document with ALL the tags you can become a top writer in during lesson 4. Sign up below.

How To Add Tags In Medium

Let’s talk about how to add tags in Medium. If you want to add a tag to your Medium story, simply click the green “Publish” button in the top right of your draft.

Great, from there a window should pop up with a short blurb that says “Add or change tags (up to 5) so readers know what your story is about.”

In that little box, you type in your top Medium tags, press enter after inputting each one, and you’ll have successfully tagged your Medium posts. Now press publish, and you’re all set!

How To Choose Tags In Medium

If you’re wondering which top Medium tags to use in your blog post, simply use this list to find related tags. If you’re writing about creativity, perhaps “art” or “writing” will be good related tags to choose, too. Remember you can choose up to five for each blog post.

If you’re still stumped, I’d scan your homepage for articles similar to the one you’re writing, or do a quick search via the Medium search bar for related stories. If you scroll down all the way on a particular story, you can see which tags they decided to use for their blog posts. Here’s what it looks like:

For this one, the author used the Medium top tags of Self, Work, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Writing. Use that Medium tag hack for yourself if you need to.

Why Choosing The Top Medium Tags Is So Important

Choosing the right tags is an INCREDIBLY important step when publishing a story. It could be the difference between 10 views and 1,000–do you know that?

The reason for this is that Medium users naturally get stories from the tags they “follow” on their homepage or daily digest emails. If you want to learn how to follow a medium tag, read the post I just linked. The more people that follow the tag you’re posting in, the higher probability that they’ll get your latest story. 

Example of story suggestion from someone you follow:

Example of story suggestion from a Medium tag you follow:

Pretty cool, right?

Further than that, if someone is searching for stories in your tag on Medium and your article is doing well, it will get “suggested” near the top of the search results for other users to find. Here’s a blog post that’ll help you write better Medium stories.

And heck, some Medium users might stumble upon your article if they were searching for the “latest” stories in a tag.

Oh, and did you know some tags have home pages of their own?

Here’s an example of the “Travel” tag’s homepage:

I’ve discovered that only tags you can become a Top Writer in come with their own homepages. So, if you target a top tag and write a story that takes off, you could be featured on the homepage for that Medium tag.

That means more views for you.

Next week I’ll write an article about what Medium’s top tags say about the culture of Medium itself, but for now, here’s the top 43 most popular tags on Medium!

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