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How To Organically Grow Your Blog To 20,000 Views In 90 Days

Okay, so for those who want to know how to organically grow your blog to 20,000 views in 90 days, you really only need to do three things..

  1. Make a sh*t ton of blog posts.
  2. Use platforms to boost your blog views.
  3. Capture every email you can.

20,000 views divided by 90 days is about 222 views per day, and, not to get overly satanic on you, about 6,666 views per month.

Sorry about that misfortunate coincidence.

In order to catch up to the devil there (okay, I’m done), you have to also realize three things..

  1. Your views for the first 30 days are going to suck.
  2. You’ll be spinning your wheels a ton.
  3. It’s imperative you build relationships with every reader you can.

Stop asking “How fast should my blog grow?” It’s going to grow, just not in that first 30-day period, alright?

The first thing you need to do is write about 30-40 blog posts. I’m serious.

1. Write 30-40 Blog Posts

Okay, you need to be a freakin' mad man at the keyboard. Like, I need you to get mean right now. I need you to understand that this blogging thing? It takes a crap ton of work.

But the good news is, once you do build a following, you’re going to be rolling in the dough big time.

But first you gotta pump out blog post after blog post.

Your first week? Get 10 out.

Second? Another 10.

Third? Another 10.

Fourth? Another 10 if you really want to. Space them out.

How do you figure out what to write about? Well, you GOT to target keywords and work some SEO magic in there.

How do you do that?

  1. Download Chrome
  2. Download BOTH the Keywords Everywhere extension and the Mozbar extension.

Now start searching for sh*t that makes sense for you. This is what my webpage looks like with both extensions on. I searched “personal branding examples”

Pay attention to the “related keywords” on the right hand side, because these will give you ideas for other blog posts. Also, pay close attention to the “DA” number underneath the other blog posts you see in the results as well.

The lower the better. If you see any with 25 or below, you’re golden. I scrolled down a little on that same page to see this:

Also, pay attention to whether the headlines of these blog posts have the EXACT keyword in the headline. If they don’t, and start having simple variations of those keywords in there after 4-5 results, this is also a good sign.

As you can see above, my keyword phrase was “personal branding examples,” not “personal brand examples.” I can rank for that keyword if I targeted it specifically on with the Yoast SEO Wordpress plugin.

Oh, and you can see the search volume for that term underneath the search bar itself. When you first start out, target anything and everything–even if it says 0 searches per month. A lot of times Google is dead wrong about search volume.

Use this to inform your blog posts. ALWAYS back up your articles with some SEO keywords.

This is the backbone to figuring out how to organically grow your blog.

This way you’ll start to get some traffic flowing in from Google. A good portion of those 20,000 views will come straight from there.

2. How To Grow A Blog Fast With Quora and Medium

I’ve said this before in other blog posts.. but I can literally spend 15 minutes in the morning answering 4 Quora questions and that will yield me 20 visitors over a 24-hour period. Those 20 visitors equate to about 40 views, as many of them stick around to see what else I got going on.

OH, to siphon traffic over, I always answer questions that are related to a blog post I wrote, and I always link that blog post in my answer after writing a thoughtful response.

What if you answered 8 questions instead of 4, though?

You might be able to direct significant traffic to your blog posts–especially if an answer you write on Quora goes viral or gets picked up by a big publication (stranger things have happened).

Also, I LOVE Medium for siphoning traffic over to my blog posts as well.

If you think about it, the views you generate on Medium sort of are “views” in and of themselves. Use this powerful platform to drive native traffic as well as traffic to your own Wordpress blog.

3. Capture Email Addresses Like Nobody’s Business

What if you had an army of 50-100 people that would read ANYTHING you put out? What if you could direct them to that killer blog post you wrote at the snap of a finger? What if you could do that 4 times per month?

That’s 200-400 extra views per month, and since people love to stick around to read more blog posts, that’d probably equate to about 500-1,000 extra views per month.

This is the power of email marketing. Once you have an email, you can contact them WHENEVER you want to, and it’s absolutely crucial for new bloggers to start an email list from day freaking 1.

In fact, that should be the first thing you do–create an email opt-in form, an email bribe, and start collecting. Email marketing is crucial to figuring out how to organically grow your blog.

Here’s an article I wrote that’ll help you make an ebook in 24 hours.

4. Build A Great Relationship With Your Readers

The task that CANNOT be overlooked is how you MUST build your first 100 true fans. To do this, you need to treat your readers well.

When they comment on your blog posts/quora answers/Medium articles, make them feel like gold. Write their name down somewhere and check in with them later.

Read their blog. Comment on their posts.

This interaction will keep people coming back to your blog time and time again, and it’ll also make them want to share your blog with others also.

In short, guys, this is how to organically grow your blog to 20,000 views in 90 days.

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