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How To Create A Medium Blog That Makes $1,500 Per Month

Medium blogs are the new black.

My friend Shannon Ashley made a Medium blog about 3 months ago and has ALREADY made about $1,500 in one single month from posting there.

There’s a method to her madness, and I’ll get into that, but first we need to go over how you can start a Medium blog of your own.

Here’s the step-by-step instructions..

How To Create A Medium Blog

First, you have to create a profile. Do that by clicking on the “Get Started” button up at the top.

The next screen will ask you to create a Medium profile with either your Facebook profile or a plain-old Google account. Pick whatever one you want, then move on.

You’ll go through a myriad of screens over the next few seconds, and then you’ll finally get to decide which topics you want to “follow.”

Once you get through this screen, you’ll land on the Medium homepage. There you’ll see a profile picture/circle in the top right. Click on it, then click “Profile” in the drop down menu.

On the next screen, click “Edit Profile.” That will let you customize your name, description, profile picture, and everything else.

Once you’re done all of that, you’ve properly set up your Medium blog. Now it’s time to get posting!

How To Post Your First Medium Story

Now that your Medium blog is setup (SPOILER: It’s the same thing as a Medium profile), you’re ready to get posting.

Click your profile picture then hit “New Story” from the drop down.

Now all you have to do is write your story up, add some tags, then submit to any Medium publications that you want to be a part of.

If you want to get into Medium publications, or are wondering what the HECK they are, just read these two posts below:

How To Submit To Medium Publications

What Is A Medium Publication, Exactly?

The Strategy To Making $1,500 Per Month With A Medium Blog

..Which brings me back to Shannon Ashley.

You’ve set your profile up, you know how to publish posts.. But how do you turn your posts into dollars?

Well, the Medium Partner Program, primarily.

I wrote a post going over this as well (sorry for pointing you everywhere, I just want to help you get to the strategy). So read that, then make sure to keep reading this post.

1. Post 2 Locked Stories Every Day

Something I preach in my own free email course is to publish REGULARLY. You can’t win on Medium quickly if you aren’t publishing at least 3-5 times per week. The more posts you publish, the more you step on that gas pedal.

You can either go 30 mph or 90, it’s totally up to you.

BUT, Shannon told us in a recent post that she wrote twice per day for the entire month of July. *SWEAT INTENSIFIES*

And by the way, this is pretty hard to do. It’s tough to post twice per day. I used to post 5 shorter stories every single week and I found that difficult.

But if you post 5-10 LOCKED STORIES every single week on your Medium blog, you can pretty much expect to make a damn good amount of money by the time the month is over.

And you’ll have a f ton of followers, too.

2. Give It 3 Weeks

Okay, so we’re posting twice per day to our Medium blog.. That’s good and all.. but NOBODY IS READING STILL.

Hold your horses..

It takes a few articles for random readers to decide to follow you. The first time I drank beer was weird. I didn’t know if I liked the taste or not.. But after a few times I decided this stuff was awesome.

The same goes for readers. The great thing about posting twice per day is people get REAL familiar with you REAL fast.

Sometimes it’s not about how good you are as a writer. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of whether the audience remembers you.

If they remember you, then you’ll start winning “true fans” who will read everything you write.

This takes time. Making $1,500 per month with a Medium blog takes a “snowball effect” of epic proportions. It’s like exponential growth. By the time you get to month 2-3, you better bet there will be a ton of people reading and a ton of old posts making you a steady $5-$10 per month.

This adds up!

Here’s a look at Shannon’s top-earning posts. Notice there’s one that made a good bulk of her money, but the vast majority of her income is coming from a ton of posts that steady made $20 or so.


It takes time to get there.

3. Try To Post About The Same Things

I think one last thing that Shannon did so well was she wrote about similar topics. Writing, mental health, politics, physical health + wellness.. these are the topics she “owns” on Medium.

I think to write twice per day you sort of have to have 5-6 different topics to write about.

A key part of this strategy is to get people familiar with you, and get them familiar really quick. Writing about the same topics is a very necessary part of that strategy.

Nothing Beats Sheer Output

The biggest misconception I hear about blogging is that it takes too much time. My friends, you’re thinking about it too hard.

My blog posts are not perfect. I spend an hour writing my Medium stories (if that) before I hit the publish button.

I don’t structure it or plan any of the “points."

I just write, set the timer, then figure out a way to wrap it all up once the timer goes off.

This will help you write more often. It also makes writing a little more fun. Let the words take you where they want to go.

One last thing.. If you can publish 5 times per week, you’ve already put yourself above 99% of bloggers out there in my opinion.

Think about that!

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