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How To Submit To Medium Publications

Okay, so if you’re trying to submit to Medium publications, you can go about it 2 different ways.

Full disclosure, there’s an unlimited amount of ways you could submit to a Medium publication like The Mission if you really tried. These are the two ways that I see as the straightest path to success.


Okay, let’s get to it.

Submit To A Medium Publication By Taking A Look At The Publication’s Nav Bar

First, navigate to the Medium publication you want to submit to. To get there, just search for it in the search bar then click on the proper link underneath the “publications” section.

I took a screenshot below for you.

Great, now that you’re there, take a look at the Publication’s navigation bar at the top. Many Medium publications have a “Submit” or “Submit Story” link embedded above in the Nav Bar.

I’ve taken a screenshot once again for you below.

Once you click that link, you’ll find an email address or form to fill out to get those editors your piece.

Go ahead and check to see if there is one there for the publication you want to submit to. If not, then you may have to check the publication’s homepage.

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Check The Medium Publication’s Homepage For A “Submit Story” Link

Sometimes if you take a long look at the publication’s homepage, you’ll find a link there for you to submit your story.

Here, the Writing Cooperative has a link there for people (they’re a fantastic example).

If you look in these two spots, you should be fine when trying to submit to Medium publications.

But what if you’ve scoured Medium, tried to find the submission page, but couldn’t? What if you even did a low-key Google search to see if there was a hidden page somewhere but didn’t find it?

This next strategy is the hardest way to submit to Medium publications, but if you nail it, this could be the easiest way for you to actually become a writer at your favorite Medium pubs.

Develop A Relationship With The Editors

Some publications *AHEM THE MISSION* are extremely difficult to get into. That’s because they’re popular, and they have tons of Medium writers submitting to them every day.

So how the heck do you get in?

How can you submit to these Medium publications?

Well, in short, develop a relationship with the editors! If you scroll down to the bottom of your favorite publication and click on the “About” link,

Click it, then on the next page you’ll be able to see who the editors are!


“Okay Tom, now what do I do?”

GET CREATIVE. Follow them. Comment on their articles. Follow them on Twitter. Re-tweet their sh*t. Email them to say how much you appreciate their work.

Then, like, two months later send them a link to your piece that you think would fit nicely with that publication.

Yes, two months.


You gotta give this sort of thing time, you know? You have to make this about your relationship with them. I want you to get to the point where you communicate with these people because you genuinely want to and like them–not because you secretly want something in return.

In short, be real.

Make connections because connections are cool, then send them a link and ask them if that would fit well with their publication.

If it doesn’t work, then that’s that. At least you have a powerful connection on Medium.

In short, that’s how you submit to Medium publications.

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