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What Is The Medium Daily Digest, Exactly?

What is the Medium daily digest?

You’ve likely seen an email in your inbox with the subject line “Medium Daily Digest.”

I normally get them every day. Don’t believe me? Here:

Seeing these probably bring up a lot of interesting questions..

What is the Medium Daily Digest? Why does Medium keep sending these to me all the time? Is the Medium Daily Digest helpful for writers? We’ll get into all that in this blog post.

What Is The Medium Daily Digest?

The daily digest is just a collection of stories Medium sends you in an email. They’re different for everybody, and are totally based on what you like to read. For instance, here’s what mine looks like..

I got a post from my friend Anthony Moore, and since I like reading articles about Medium itself, Medium thought it was a good idea to send it to me.

You also get articles from topics you follow and authors you follow.

It’s all algorithmically decided and completely different for every unique user. It likely drives a ton of traffic to Medium and their writers by extension.

Is The Digest Helpful For Writers?

Yes. It’s extremely helpful for writers. It drives a ton of traffic for us. There’s likely millions of users on Medium right now, and each of them likely get a daily digest email in their inbox. If you have thousands of followers, you’ll likely get your latest story emailed to hundreds of people at the very least.

Here’s the only downside:

Medium sends a lot of emails to people every day. As a publication owner, I can send my followers an email whenever I want to, and they also get daily digest emails all the time.

This sends a lot of emails from Medium to spam.

In fact, all my daily digest emails are in spam right now. I just don’t have time for them, and gmail has already flagged them.

So your cut of the pie is always decreasing, and you’re not the only person who’s being suggested and recommended in these emails either. Long story short, they can drive traffic, but it’s not anything super substantial.

How Can I Get Into The Medium Digest Emails?

Well, you can get recommended one of three ways..

One, if someone follows you, you could get recommended in their digest email. Two, if someone follows a topic you’ve been distributed in. You could get recommended that way. Since you also get stories in topics you follow, all you need to do is get distributed in a topic to get into more daily digest emails.

Here’s an example..

My advice? Write more, get more followers, and get distributed more. You could take my free Medium course to become a better writer and get more followers if you want to. You can sign up for it at the bottom of this blog post.

In a nutshell, that’s what these emails are that you get from Medium. They’re relatively harmless, easy to go to spam, and they can drive some traffic for you as a writer.

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