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A 4-Step Video Marketing Strategy Template For Facebook + Youtube

Video is scary, yeah? It’s very, very daunting. With this video marketing strategy template, though, you’ll be creating videos for Facebook and Youtube left and right.


The fact is, 54% of people prefer to see video over other types of content like blog posts from the brands they love.

It also helps you connect with your audience that much more. Reading my favorite writer is cool, but seeing them makes me feel like I just had a conversation over coffee with them. Feel me?

If you want to get your first 100 true fans, this video marketing strategy template is absolutely essential, and can cut the time it takes to get them in half.

Here’s mine..

1. Create A Long-Form Youtube Video | 5 Minutes

When you do this, though, make sure to have a 60-second part in there that’s super direct. Almost like a rant of some sort where you summarize the video really well.

This is going to set you up for a short Facebook video later on.

Make this video less than 5 minutes if you can. I don’t want you to spend too much time creating it. Keep it short, and get right to the point in the first 8 seconds.

2. Steal A 60-Second Facebook Page Video From That

First of all, for those who think Facebook ISN’T a good video platform to be on.. Ya’ll must be crazy.

From a views standpoint, I get 10 times the reach there than I get on Youtube. Take a look:

YouTube Results

Facebook Results

It’s sort of ridiculous, so please start taking Facebook a little more seriously.

Besides straight-up reposting whole videos on Facebook, one other thing you can do is take 60-second “nuggets” from your long-form stuff and just re-package it for Facebook.

For instance, a video I made for YouTube used to look like this:

But after I re-packaged it in Adobe Premiere Pro, it now looks like this:

I added captions, a short “title” above the video, and now it looks completely 100% native to Facebook.

That’s a nice caveat to this video marketing strategy template that takes the burden off you as a creator and allows you to be on multiple platforms easily.

3. Re-Publish The 60-Second Clip On Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Okay so now that you have a beautiful piece of video content, it’s now time to make life easy on yourself and re-publish it freakin' everywhere.

The good news is, these square FB videos make a whole lot of sense + look native on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

All you have to do is upload, enter in some hashtags, and now your audience is seeing you in ways you’ve never been seen before.

4. Repeat This Digital Video Strategy As Many Times As You Can Every 7 Days

There’s no limit to how many videos you can create and then spin-off to other platforms per week. If you can only manage one, that’s fine. If you can only manage two long-form videos per week and then create 2 short captioned videos from that every 7 days, go for it.

The important thing is that your audience will be seeing a side to you they haven’t necessarily had before.

This is a video marketing strategy template that’ll help you get MUCH closer with your audience and will also brand you as “that guy that makes sick FB videos” as well.

It’s the one I follow on both my FB page and YouTube channel. I hope it helps you out as well.

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