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9 Medium Publications That Pay Writers For Stories

Finding Medium publications that pay writers doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve been on the platform since late 2016 and I’ve seen MANY publications come and go. I know which ones pay and which ones don’t.

Keep something in mind: Medium publications that pay can technically be any publication out there. You can lock a story, submit it to any publication, and earn money from that story.

However, if you’re talking about getting paid $200-$500 to write a story outside the Medium Partner Program, then this list is for you.

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1. Gen

Submit to them here:

2. OneZero


3. Elemental

Submit to them here:


4. Zora

5. Forge

Submit to them here:

6. Human Parts

7. Marker

Submit to them here:

8. Level

9. Heated

You guessed it. These are all Medium Magazines. In other words, these publications are all run directly by Medium, and they pay writers directly for well-written pitches.

I know some folks who write for Forge. They say that they make about $500 per story from Medium directly.

Beneath the “Medium Magazines” are Medium Partnered Publications. Among these are PS I Love You, Better Marketing, Mind Cafe, and Entrepreneurs Handbook. They get paid from Medium directly to run their publications, however they are not part of the Medium Publications that will compensate writers directly.

They can easily curate stories and promote stories more widely on the platform, but they will not pay, say, $500 for a story anytime soon.

So keep that in mind.

Should You Pitch The Medium Publications That Pay?

Ehh, why not? They’re extremely hard to get into, but why not?

If you get in good with Forge, you could make some good money every month writing just one or two stories. Who wouldn’t take an extra $500 for a single story?

All in all, that’s the list of Medium Publications that pay on Medium.

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