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A Complete List Of Medium Partner Program Publications (100+)

I have a confession..

Okay so this blog post is a bit of a cheap shot. Shew, glad I got that out of the way.

No but seriously, you’re coming to this post to find a list of Medium Partner Program publications you can post locked stories in, but I’m here to bring you insanely good news…

All of them.

No, I’m not joking.

The List Of Medium Partner Program Publications

There’s an update you probably missed sent out by Medium in June of 2018 basically saying that after long last they were going to open up the Medium Partner Program to ALL publications.

Here’s what they recently said in an email..

That’s right, this is an EXTREMELY new development so don’t worry if you didn’t know about it.

Before July, 2018 Medium users could only publish locked stories under certain publications such as The Writing Cooperative and Better Humans.

That was about as big as the list got, unfortunately.

For us owners of publications, we sort of got the short end of the stick because these specific pubs were making money while all the other ones weren’t.

Then out of nowhere Medium decided to change everything and blow the Partner Program wide open.

The only catch was, instead of these new Medium publications taking 30% or so of the earnings (like the Writing Coop and Better Humans), they earn nothing.

That’s completely right—Medium isn’t even really rewarding publications for any of this—they’re really just rewarding the writers. Which is definitely cool, I guess, I just wish publications could earn something, too. 

I said I was going to give you a list of 100+ Medium Partner Program publications. Here’s a good list for starters that’s basically just a list of all the publications on Medium over about 35,000 followers.

Spoiler alert: There’s only about 400 publications on Medium, so you don’t have TOO big of a selection.

To publish a locked story under these publications, just read this article for more information. Make sure to, before you submit, to make the article eligible to earn money by hitting the link at the top.

Here’s what it looks like. I hope that helps!

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