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5 LinkedIn Post Examples That’ll Help You Go Viral

So, you need some LinkedIn post examples cause' you heard LinkedIn is the HOT new social media platform… Right?

‘That’s great,' you think, ‘But what do I post?'

‘And what can we post in the first place?'

The truth is, I see more opportunity on LinkedIn as opposed to Medium right now–and you all know how much I love Medium.

Let’s answer that..

There’s 5 Total LinkedIn Post Examples To Try

For one, there’s straight up status updates that look like this..

As you can see, this one got quite a bit of traction. 106 likes and 50 comments is nothing to scoff at. These are comparable to a Facebook status.

Second, there’s picture posts that look like this..

Again, 111 likes? Bravo.

The next of the LinkedIn post examples are articles–which are basically just blog posts.

Fourth are “professional videos.” They look like this..

And fifth are what I call “selfie videos,” because they’re shot on a mobile phone.

They look like this..

So these are 5 LinkedIn post examples, but I wanted to take it a step further for you and provide some ideas for future posts of yours..


A Few Awesome LinkedIn Post Ideas

To me, the best content to post on LinkedIn are videos, and as stated above, there’s two different kinds to post. One is the professional-type videos shot with a DSLR or above-$300-camera. These are normally shot against a nice background of some sort.

You know, the kind that take a bit of effort to make.

The next type of video is what’s known as a selfie video. The ones that anybody can shoot with their mobile phones. This LinkedIn post example has opened up many LinkedIn users to the world of online video–and many have made an absolute killing because of it..

So, for my first LinkedIn post idea, I offer this to you..

Try A 2-Minute Selfie Video

Talk about a lesson you learned in your life. State the lesson first, tell the story that led to you learning that lesson, then wrap up the lesson again at the end.

You get bonus points if you talk about business, work, entrepreneurship, or leadership.

Also, if you’re an iPhone user, try the “Clips” app on for size. It allows you to produce subtitles in real time while recording your video. Videos in the LinkedIn news feed are muted before users click on them–so subtitles can be important to get the first few “eyes.”

It should take you all of 30 minutes to plan your video, write an outline, record, and upload to LinkedIn.

Here’s another LinkedIn post idea..

Write a 150-Word LinkedIn Status Update

Status updates. I call them mini-blog posts. Take some content you’ve written before, or an idea you’ve created previous content about, and write a short little status update about it.

If you’ve never written a blog post before, here’s something to get you started.

Here’s an example of mine..

If you look closely, though, I already wrote about this topic in a previous blog post of mine..

That’s my content model–which I’ll write about on another day–but for now just understand small status updates where you expand on something you already wrote before is a great way forward.

For my third and final LinkedIn post idea, try this one..

An Instagram-Esque Picture Post

This one I stole from my Instagram. But it sort of has to do with my professional career–I mean, getting up to speak in front of people seems to be a business-y type of thing to do, right?


So feel free to share pictures from your own life that mean a lot to you. Whether that’s personal things–like your wedding day, to professional things, like a picture of you at a work event.

There’s not that many rules here.

So that’s that–a few LinkedIn post examples to wet your beak. Go out there and share away. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it doesn’t take that long to create content.

It’s a relatively easy platform to create for, and with these LinkedIn post examples in your arsenal, you should be creating new posts very easily for the next few months.

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