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The 10 Best Medium Publications To Write For In 2021

Medium publications are arguably the best thing Medium’s ever created. The ability to get in front of  hundreds of thousands of followers by publishing at The Mission or The Startup is quite insane.

I get at least 1,000 views on a blog post WHENEVER I publish there–no questions asked.

But with so many questions out there like “Which Medium publications pay?” and “What exactly ARE Medium publications?” I thought it would be good to highlight the top Medium publications to give people the lay of the land.

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That way you don’t have to search for the best Medium Publications anywhere else..

But first, a definition..

What Are Medium Publications?

Medium publications are like blogs hosted on Medium users can “follow” these publications just like they can follow your personal profile, and you can be added as a writer to them with the help of an editor.

Anybody can create their own top Medium publication whenever they want, and after you as a writer are “accepted” in, you can submit posts to these Medium publications by clicking the three little dots at the top of your profile and specifying which publication to submit to.

Do this..

Then do this..

Then the editor receives your post, can make changes, and may accept/decline it at their discretion.

Then, when they publish it, you get in front of their audience via the homepage, Medium’s daily digest emails, or even “suggestions” at the end of certain articles.

Here’s the difference, statistically, between posts I publish JUST on my personal profile and posts I publish at The Startup..

Posts on My Profile..

Posts On The Mission..

It’s clear Medium publications can give you a MASSIVE advantage on Medium, so without further ado, let me detail the top Medium publications to submit to..

1. The Mission | (462,000 Followers)

The Mission is the gold standard publication on Medium. It has over 450,000 followers as of this moment and publishes work from the crème-de-la-crème on this platform.

I’m talking Tim Denning, Ben Hardy, Todd Brison, and Jeff Goins.

Topics: Personal Development, Creativity, Technology

Editor: Chad Grills

How To Write For The Mission: Here are their submission guidelines.

2. The Startup | (338,000 Followers)

To me, the Startup is a close second to The Mission. Yes, there are publications that have more followers than the Startup, but quite frankly the editors here aren’t afraid to accept new writers. You can’t say that about every publication at the top of this list *AHEM*

It’s actually pretty easy to become a writer at The Startup, and that’s why I’m good with making it #2 on this list.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Personal Development, Startups, Technology

Editor: Ali Mese

How To Write For The Startup: Here are their submission guidelines.

3. Personal Growth | (369,000 Followers)

Good luck getting into this one.

It’s only in the top 3 because, darn, how couldn’t I include it with 360,000+ followers?

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Personal Development

Editor: Dan Pedersen

4. Be Yourself | (149,000 Followers)

Joel Mwakasege is the editor of Be Yourself, one of the largest publications on Medium. Unlike the three at the top of this list, Be Yourself mostly focuses on life lessons and stories from people’s lives.

It’s got a lot of heart, and I admire the editor a lot (from afar). It’s relatively easy to get into this publication, all you have to do is follow Joel’s guidelines.

Topics: Life Lessons

Editor: Joel Mwakasege

How To Write For Be Yourself: Submission Guidelines

5. The Writing Cooperative | (116,000 Followers)

Most of the publications on this list are here for a reason. These publications are here because they are both easy to get into have lots of followers.

I wanted this list to be practical.

The Writing Cooperative is all about writing, and it’s easy to get in as well.

Topics: Writing, Literature, Blogging

Editor: Sand Farnia

How To Write For The Writing Cooperative: Submission Guidelines

6. P.S. I Love You | (91,000 Followers)

P.S. I Love You is all about L.O.V.E.

It rounds out the list nicely, and it’s also relatively easy to get into, making it one of the really great top Medium publications ;)

Topics: Love, Relationships, Life Lessons

Editor: David Smooke

How To Write For P.S. I Love You: Submission Guidelines

7. Art + Marketing | (82,000 Followers)

Art + Marketing is a well-run publication edited by the same guy who does P.S. I Love You. If you’re artistically inclined and can draw worth a damn, this might be the publication for you.

You can also publish stories about your life, business, creativity, etc. etc. here as well, so no problem if you don’t write about that stuff.

Topics: Art, Marketing, Creativity, Business

Editor: David Smooke

How To Write For Art+Marketing: Submit a ‘Request To Contribute’ On

8. Entrepreneur’s Handbook | (62,000 Followers)

I’ve never personally written for Entrepreneur’s Handbook, but the editor seems like a nice guy. He reached out to me on Twitter a few months back and it seems like he cares about what he’s doing.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Business, Startups

Editor: Dave Schools

How To Write For Entrepreneur’s Handbook: Submission Guidelines

9. The Ascent | (38,000 Followers)

The Ascent is run by my friend Steve Campbell. He used to work with Gary Vaynerchuk at Vayner Media and is a pretty sweet guy if you asked me. It’s a relatively easy publication to get into and acts as a proving ground of sorts for writers who think they have some writing chops but aren’t sure yet.

Topics: Life Lessons, Business, Entrepreneurship, and, an Ascent-exclusive.. “THE CLIMB”

Editor: Steve Campbell

How To Write For The Ascent: Submission Guidelines

10. Athena Talks | (32,000 Followers)

Last but certainly not least is Athena Talks. This publication is a hub to help young women mature,  improve, and become the amazing leaders of tomorrow.

Topics: Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Politics

Editor: David Smooke

How To Write For Athena Talks: Submit a ‘Request To Contribute’ On

I hope this short list helps you out so you can get published on the best Medium publications out there. Again, these are the best of the best. Thank you for reading!

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