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How To Get Out Of Medium Curation Jail In 5 Minutes

There’s a very easy way to get out of Medium curation jail that NOBODY seems to know about online.

I get questions all the time from students asking me “What does ‘Our curators were not able to review this story for distribution in topics due to high volume’ mean?”

Well, it means that you’re in Medium curation jail.

Some folks think that Medium curation jail doesn’t exist, and I must admit I’m a bit confused about it, too.

However, there is an easy solution for folks who don’t want to see the “high volume” message on Medium.


To Get Out Of Medium Curation Jail, Submit To Some Darn Publications

It’s that simple. Submit. To. Publications.

I’ve had some folks tell me they wrote for 10+ hours a day and published 50+ stories in 30 days ONLY to make 45 cents. I then asked them if they published in any publications. They said no.

GASP. My goodness, how did they not stop to reassess their current situation?

I learned a while back that publications, no matter where you publish online, are crucial to getting more views. If you get into the Huffington Post, I guarantee your article will do much better there than on the ridiculous website you just created in 15 minutes on Wordpress.


Because you’re leveraging an audience that Huffington already has. They have millions of readers every single month. You’re getting in front of that audience–piggybacking on them, if you will.

Here’s a correspondence I had with a writer who went from 0% curation rate after 50-some articles to a 70% curation rate..

He got out of curation jail by writing for a Medium Partnered Publication.

Among these are PS I Love You, Better Marketing, Mind Cafe, Publishous, The Post-Grad Survival Guide (my publication), and pretty much any other publication on Medium. I find your chances of getting curated go up significantly if you write for a publication.

That’s it.

I would also take a quick look at these guidelines. If you have any affiliate links or are trying to directly sell something in your article, that’s a no-go, too. That will immediately disqualify you from getting curated, and might be the reason for your curation woes in the first place.

In a quick nutshell, that’s how you can get out of Medium curation jail.

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