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How Often Does Medium Pay Its Writers?

So, how often does Medium pay its writers?

I’ll cut the crap and answer that for you immediately..

Monthly. Once per month, they send the cash through to our bank accounts and we bask in the thunderstorm of Medium dollar bills.

So yeah, that’s the blog post, but keep reading to find out a few more crucial things about the Medium Partner Program.

When Exactly Do They Pay?

They pay during the first week of the following month. So if I made $400 in April, I will receive $400 during the first week of May.

See how this payment from January was sent on February 5?

How Often Can You See Updates On Medium Earnings?

Great question. Medium recently announced that instead of updating earnings reports weekly, they were going to start updating earnings daily.

So I can go into my Medium Payment Summary tomorrow and see how much I made today. I won’t get paid that money until the end of the month, mind you, but I CAN see it right now.

This is what my Payment Summary page looks like on Medium. It breaks down earnings by story, and they update every single day.

How Can I See How Much A Story Made?

If you want to see how much a single story made, just hit the “View Stats” button underneath any story on your Payment Summary page. You can scroll down and see a graph right there.

It looks like this:

You can see earnings per day for the entire lifetime of the post.

How Often Does Medium Pay In The Future?

Medium may start paying writers twice per month in the future. There were rumblings in my circle that they may even make payouts daily. Whether Medium decides to pay writers weekly, monthly, or daily, they will still have my support.

That’s the answer to the “How often does Medium pay its writers” question.

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