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What Are Beginners Getting Paid To Write On Medium?

What are beginners getting paid to write on Medium?

Well, first off, let’s get one key piece of information out of the way..

Nobody is getting paid by Medium per se to write on Medium. You’re actually getting paid by the people who purchase monthly Medium subscriptions.

I explain that further in another blog post, however just know that you’re really only making a portion of the money that folks give to Medium every month for a subscription. It’s $5 per month. When they read your articles, Medium is kind enough to give you a portion of the revenue they make.

It’s a good business model, and it greatly favors the writers at the moment.

So, How Much Are Beginners Getting Paid To Write On Medium?

Let’s break it down.

I have about 300+ students who have taken my online course, Medium Mastery, and I’ve seen some folks make anywhere from $.45 their first month to $7,000.

Realistically, I think if you published a few times per week for an entire month IN PUBLICATIONS you could expect to make about $20-$30 in your first month as a beginner.

That sounds like chump change. If that’s so, read this story and then tell me if you still think it’s a waste of time to write online.

The real money comes later, after you’ve developed an audience, get your first 10 true fans, and develop your writing skills. What constitutes a “beginner” anyway? Someone who has only written for thirty days? 60? Maybe someone in their first three months?

The truth is, if you publish in publications, and if you decide to write daily (that’s 30 blog posts per month), then you can probably make $100-$200 pretty quickly in your first or second month.

The Real Money Comes With Products..

I’ve said this so many times. The real money for writers comes when you start to sell products online. Getting paid to write on Medium is one thing, but using Medium to build an email list and sell a product? Well, that’s something totally different. It’s hard to put a dollar sign on an email list. Folks say that for every thousand people you have on an email list, that should bring you $1,000 per month.

Use ConvertKit to start your first email list. I have high praise for them.

Medium is a great way to grow your email list. My friend Anthony Moore grew his email list to 16,000 people in 4 months. Guess how much he makes per year?

Getting Paid To Write On Medium Is Just The Beginning

Think bigger. Think products. Think email lists. Think social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Many Medium writers have diversified and gone to other platforms. What about you? What will you do?

Think about that, and understand that while getting paid to write on Medium is great, there’s a lot more to the pie to discover.

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