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What’s The Average Medium Partner Program Earnings For 1 Month?

Ever since Medium unrolled the Partner Program in 2017, bloggers have been wondering what the average Medium Partner Program earnings were for other writers.

It’s not because we like competition and want to incessantly compare everything we do with other people—wait—what? You’re saying we do?

Oh well.

No, we just want to know if the Medium Partner Program is worth it. Should we invest in it? Is the Medium Partner Program enough to make us bloggers a full-time income?

The answer to that last question is a resounding no, but don’t go thinking that the average Medium Partner Program earnings are insignificant.

For many writers, we can earn an extra $100 per month on Medium if we really tried to.

But regardless of your experience level, you’ll be surprised by the following figures..

The Average Medium Partner Program Earnings For 1 Month

Every month Medium sends out a newsletter to their users informing them of the average earnings that month from everyone who posted a locked story.

Below are some estimations of these earnings over the last 12 months:

The AVERAGE Medium Partner Program earnings for bloggers who post AT LEAST one locked story tend to always float near $50 per month.

The MOST earned by any one writer for 1 month tends to float around $5,000-$10,000.

Okay, so you have the average figures… but what can we ACTUALLY expect when publishing locked stories?

For me, a writer with 22,000 Medium followers who 60% of the time publishes 1 locked story per week, I make about $250-$300 per month on average.

These are sort of lackluster figures, I know, but just know that I’ve never really doubled down on the Partner Program myself.

I’m sure if I decided to post ALL 12 of the free stories I usually write per month as locked, I’d probably triple my earnings pretty easily.

Then as earnings from my locked stories compound over time, I’d probably generate more and more until I’d average about $1,000-$1,200 per month.

These are just average Medium Partner Program earnings I’m talking about here.

As you can see, Medium actually quantifies this data and sends it out to all users in a monthly newsletter..and they say the average user can make upwards of $50 per month if they post at least 1 locked story behind the Medium paywall.

How To Maximize Your Medium Partner Program Earnings


Okay, so I won’t bog you down with too many words here.

You really only need to pay attention to two things..

  1. Leverage publications - Publish all your locked stories through publications now that Medium allows you to do that. This will drastically increase your reach. More on the benefits of Medium publications here.
  2. Post 75% of your stories as locked ones - Heck, publish ALL your stories as locked. And make sure to post at least 2 per week. If you do this, I think you have a great chance of making at least $50 per month as a start.

If you do these two things consistently over time, I think it’s not a stretch to imagine you’ll be making an extra $200-$300 per month after 5-6 months and an extra $1000+ after 12.

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