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9 Medium Magazines You Can Follow And Write For

Since 2018, Medium’s created a slew of great Medium magazines like Gen, Forge, and Human Parts. All of these Medium magazines explore different topics to give the platform a little variety.

The stories they publish are also super high quality.

I wanted to list them down for you in case you wanted to give them a follow or possibly send them a pitch. Here they are.

1. Gen

Tagline: GEN is a new Medium publication focused on politics, power, and culture. Every day, you will find stories that will help you understand the powerful forces reshaping our world. You can email us at

2. OneZero

Tagline: OneZero is a new Medium publication. This forward-looking, original tech and science brand by Medium will cover our accelerating march into the future, tell you what’s next, and provide you with a roadmap of what’s around the corner. You’ll find context here you won’t see anywhere else about the powerful forces shaping our world.


3. Elemental

Tagline: Elemental is a new Medium publication for science-backed health and wellness coverage. Every day, you will find new ambitious and trustworthy reporting on the many ways to live a healthy life. You can email us at


4. Zora

Tagline: At ZORA, we unabashedly amplify the voices of women of color. We are a digital home for incisive ideas, contemplative thinking, and enterprise storytelling that explores the interiority and intersections of women of color. ZORA gives women of color a place where they are seen and heard, and the intricacies of their lives are honored and reflected daily. We are motivated by the convergence of our collective lived experiences to ignite conversations and illuminate stories that show the fullness of our humanity. Joy, triumph, pain, and complexities exist here. We are inspired by news events (current and historical), trends, the zeitgeist, and the topics and stories unearthed by our vast curiosities.

5. Forge

Tagline: Forge is here to examine and illuminate our constant struggle to get more done, invest in creativity and focus, and be happy doing it. We bring journalistic rigor and credible, peer-reviewed science to bear. We don’t use vague inspiration-speak or glibly suggest quick fixes to major personal problems. Medium is ad-free, and Forge will not peddle product recommendations or embed affiliate links. We provide a toolbox of research- and expert-backed strategies to be more productive, inspired, and whole, and mind-expanding ideas about how we humans are navigating this big, complicated world. You can email us at

6. Human Parts

Tagline: Human Parts is Medium’s home for personal stories and perspectives. From the mundane to the extraordinary to the downright weird, we’re here to explore what it means to be human.

7. Marker

Tagline: Marker is a new Medium publication making you smarter about business. We deliver intelligence by entrepreneurs, CEOs and thinkers, and rigorously reported journalism that changes how you think about the future. If you’re interested in writing for Marker or reaching an editor, you can email us at

8. Level

Tagline:LEVEL is a Medium publication for Black and Brown men. LEVEL offers the best commentary on race, identity and culture for men of color, as well as tips on how to live your best life. Men can visit LEVEL for advice on parenting, sex, relationships, marriage, and more.

9. Heated

Tagline: Our goal is to showcase the links between food and just about everything else: agriculture, politics, history, and labor; culture and cooking; identity, family, and love. It’s a new, ongoing, and exciting project, one in which we intend to involve lots of different voices and views — including, we hope, yours. This publication is produced by Mark Bittman, Melissa McCart, Daniel Meyer, Kate Bittman, and every other name you see on these pages.

These are all of the Medium magazines to read and possibly pitch. Just take a look at the email address they included in every tagline. I would send your pitches there.

That’s it for my list of the 9 Medium Magazines to read.

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