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What Freelancers Should Do When Work Is Slow

It’s tough to be a freelancer.

We all go through slow times, and it’s not always easy to find the motivation to keep plugging away at prospecting for clients when our search constantly ends up in failure.

So what do we do during these times?


We need to get some sort of excitement back in our lives, so re-evalaluate everything! My dream is to travel the world and write, so maybe I should research jobs that allow me to travel. Get that excitement back into your day.

Get to work on something

Full disclosure: I’ve hit a major snag recently and I’m writing this post because I literally have nothing else to do. Writing in my blog isn’t exactly the worst thing I could be doing, seeing as one of my long-term goals is to keep putting out content and keep meeting other awesome bloggers in the process.

Just get to work on something productive, whether that’s washing your car, cleaning your house, or writing for fun. It doesn’t do to dwell on negative things.

Read Success Stories

I love to read success stories, not just because I’m motivated by tales of entrepreneurs and writers striking it big, but because it’s comforting to know that these uber successful people were in the same place that I’m at now.

Work Out/Eat Healthy

Hey, you have nothing better to do, right? Go work out and eat some fruit–I have Crohn’s disease so I know how eating healthy can impact your mood in crazy ways. A better mood means better output.

Stay The Course

We’ve all read that one story about the miner who stopped three feet from gold or something, right? Don’t give up when you’re so close. Keep plugging. Keep pushing.

All in all, we just need to not give up. During these times there’s a major shortage of inspiration and motivation, so do whatever you can to incorporate that back into your life by reading stories, dreaming, and keeping busy.

Good luck guys!

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