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That Time I Interviewed The Writer Of Treasure Planet

So I just recently wrote a piece on Huffington detailing a few Disney movies I thought were underrated. Included in the countdown is Bug’s Life, Tron: Legacy, and one of my favorite movies: Treasure Planet.

I post things to Huffington for free. I’m not part of their official staff of reporters, but I do post articles that have just as much of a chance of getting seen as anyone else’s writing.

I don’t think much of what I post. I’ve had a few articles go semi-viral, but nothing really to call home about. That’s why it came as such a surprise when I got a message in my inbox asking me if I wanted to interview the guy who wrote Treasure Planet and The Princess And The Frog.


Interview the guy who wrote a movie that millions of people saw? Interview the guy who wrote words that ended up meaning so much to me for most of my life?

Heck yes I wanted to interview him! This was a momentous occasion. I got in touch with Rob Edwards who was the screenwriter for these films and we set up a time to talk.

Before I called him I scoured the internet for everything I could find about his journey as a screenwriter. There was a ton of material. After four hours of binge studying everything I could about this guy it was time for me to call him, and with literally seconds to spare! I couldn’t even practice my introduction or anything. Whatever, I definitely just winged (wung?) it.

I got on the phone with him and it was the most pinch-me-I-think-I’m-dreaming moment of all time. He really is such an amazing person who loves every aspect of filmmaking and he was extremely generous with his time. We stayed on the phone for over an hour and a half. I felt so bad because I’m sure I took up a huge chunk of his day.

We talked about Disney, Disney movies, regular movies, what it feels like to be a writer, and his personal success story.

Unreal. I never would’ve thought in a million years that I would interview the guy who wrote one of my favorite movies ever. I always wondered so much about the meaning of Treasure Planet from afar. And yesterday I got to get inside the head of the person who created it.

I’ve had many surreal moments during my trip this summer and my life, but to talk to Rob Edwards was like chatting with the President or Ben Franklin or something. So, so unreal.

Look for the article on The Huffington Post soon!

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