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Post-Grad Survival Guide: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

One thing that always gets me down is comparing myself to my graduating class. On the flip-side, it’s sometimes calming to compare myself to those who are right beside me, having a hard time too.

I really shouldn’t do either of these things, and you shouldn’t either.

It makes you feel shitty

First of all, it just doesn’t do you any good to feel shitty about your progress. I could compare myself to other entrepreneurs my age making millions, but I don’t. You know why? Because I don’t expect to make that much money anyway.

What do I really expect? For a while I expected getting a 40k/year job straight outta college.  Did that happen? Absolutely not. Did that happen for other people? Yes–in fact, some are making 60k per year. And then I’m down the rabbit hole of self-pity.

Expectations suck

Stop with the expectations, people.

They’re a constant reminder of where you’re not at and they detract from the present. Enjoy today. Enjoy this struggle. Focus on getting there, not on why you’re not there.

Money means nothing anyway

The amount of money you make means nothing. Besides, you could ace an interview tomorrow and be starting your 60k/year job by next week.

We all have good and bad aspects of our life–don’t choose to be captivated by a number, or a job title.

It distracts you from your work

Catching up on people’s lives via Facebook or LinkedIn is distracting. It literally serves no purpose. Now you know they’re the new CEO of Apple. Focus on your own work instead!

You’re getting where you’re going despite them

You’re going to get wherever you want to go. It might take ten years, it might take five. It might happen tomorrow. Either way, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing. It only matters what you’re doing.

Stick with your story! It’s going to be a fantastic one.

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