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Post-Grad Survival Guide: Apply To Exciting Places

Since I liked writing my previous “Post-Grad Survival Guide” post, I think I’ll do another one! One thing that always picks me up is applying to places that excite me. Like Disney.

I want to be a cast member again so bad, and applying for part-time work at Disney always makes me excited and hopeful.

We should shoot for the stars, right? All it takes is one great interview and you’re working at the place of your dreams.

Think brands, think jobs, and think location!

Want to work at Google? Apply there! I found that when I got my interview at Disney for the college program I stepped my game up accordingly. My excitement to work there was through the roof, so I prepared by writing five pages of notes on possible questions.

I scoured the internet and read every blog post I could about the interview, and I absolutely aced it! You might not think it would be a good use of your time to apply to places like Google, or Apple, or Disney, but that’s kind of what everybody else is thinking, too.

Apply. Be excited. Have a little bit of hope. Live the life you want and work where you want!

Think jobs, too. Do you want to be a marketing coordinator? Do you want to write copy? Okay, I know these are all marketing related but that’s my thing. Be the next Don Draper and apply.

Lastly, think about location. Where we live doesn’t mean everything, but it sure can help. My best friend went to New York City to live and he absolutely loves it. Location is key, too.

I hope some of you are inspired and decide to apply to some bangin’ places. I hope it makes you feel awesome too.

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