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What's The LinkedIn Invitation Limit Per Day?

What is the LinkedIn invitation limit per day?

That is, how many connection requests can you send on LinkedIn per day?

Good question! There is no real, tangible answer, however I do have a set of guidelines you’d be good to follow if you don’t want to end up in LinkedIn jail. Trust me, LinkedIn jail does exist.

LinkedIn Invitation Limit Per Day

According to my calculations, you’ll fly under the radar so long as you keep it beneath 30 connection requests per day. That’s about 900 connection requests per month. Come on, if you need more than that then you might as well go run for President or something.

I feel as if 50 connection requests per day is a bit much, and it may land you in LinkedIn jail.

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What Is LinkedIn Jail?

LinkedIn jail is just a place where users go if they piss LinkedIn off. It means you’ll get a fraction of the impressions you used to get (and I mean it). There’s a few ways you can tip the LinkedIn algorithm off. One is by straight up sending too many LinkedIn invitations per day.

A Useful Tool To Help You Keep Track Of Sent Connection Requests

One quick tool I wanted to introduce you to is the “Sent Connection Requests” page on LinkedIn itself. Just navigate to “My Network” at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then click “See all connections” on the next page.

You should arrive at a screen that looks like this.

Hit “Sent” just under “Manage Invitations,” and you’ll be taken here:

Here you’ll be able to see all the LinkedIn connection invitations you sent over the last year. I have 93 sent. You’re going to want to clear this out every now and then just to make sure that LinkedIn doesn’t flag you. If you have thousands of pending requests, that doesn’t exactly look great.

So make sure to go here and clear it out every now and then.

One final word–just keep your daily connection requests to under 30. If you can do that, you’ll be golden.

That’s the LinkedIn invitation limit per day.

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