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1 Hack To Get Hundreds Of LinkedIn Connections Every Single Week

Linkedin connections

Let’s talk about how to get hundreds of LinkedIn connections every week.

I’m not sure anybody has really talked about this before. The baseline strategy of this is simple..

How To Get Connections On LinkedIn

  1. Create really dope LinkedIn posts.
  2. Get a lot of likes.
  3. Send a LinkedIn connect message to who liked your post.

Simple. This is how I’ve managed to build my audience to 14,000+ people on LinkedIn.

how to get linkedin connections

Let me break down my No-B.S. way to get hundreds of LinkedIn connections in a matter of weeks. But first, a few housekeeping questions..

First, Should You Buy LinkedIn Connections?

No, you should never buy LinkedIn connections. Literally never. They’re worthless and will never engage with your posts. We want engagement. Don’t buy LinkedIn connections.

Second, How Many Connections Can You Have On LinkedIn?

If you’re wondering how many connections can you have on LinkedIn, just know that the limit is 30,000 connections.

Step 1: Create Dope Content

The first step in how to get more connections on LinkedIn starts with content. Think of LinkedIn like one big ocean, and think of yourself as a fisherman (or woman!). 

Your posts are the nets you use to catch more fish.

You’re luring potential followers in with your content. Like a net, your content “captures” your potential audience.

Let’s take this recent one from me, for example.

I announced that I now have a TikTok. How insane. 

It got 55 likes and 1,000+ views in the feed so far. Not bad! Take that, Youtube! Since we’re not yet talking about sending LinkedIn connect messages or sealing the deal on new LinkedIn connections, let’s just focus on how to make great LinkedIn content.

I talk A LOT about how to create better LinkedIn content in this mega-post I wrote, but for now, let’s just focus on a few basic rules of thumb to help you make better posts.

1. Focus On Your First Line

First, put most of your effort into the first line of your LinkedIn posts.

“I’ve written 100 blog posts this year. Here’s 5 things I learned.”

That’s a hell of an opening line. It screams “I have skin in the game and therefore you should listen to my opinions.”

To write better opening lines on your own LinkedIn content, try these tips out for size..

  1. Establish credibility.
  2. Talk about a big win in your life.
  3. Be controversial.
  4. Start with a great quote.
  5. Talk about a big goal you’re trying to accomplish.
  6. Surprise the hell out of the audience.

Those are just a few quick tips to help you make better opening lines to your LinkedIn content.

2. Leverage Photos, Videos, And Status Updates

My second (and final) piece of advice about how to make better LinkedIn content is about using photos, videos, and status updates to your advantage. 

Don’t write articles on LinkedIn. They won’t help you win a lot of LinkedIn connections. 

In terms of organic reach on LinkedIn, sharing videos and photos are a much better bet. Focus on that. 

For more information on making better content, again, read my other blog post about it. You’ll get all my free secrets and tips.

How To Get More Connections On LinkedIn

Okay, so here’s my secret sauce. 

On any LinkedIn post that got a lot of likes for you, you want to scroll down and click on the number next to the reaction logos at the bottom.

Great, now a pop-up will populate your screen. From here you’ll be able to see who actually liked your post.

All the people at the top of this pop-up will be connections. We want to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom to find people who have the number 2 + 3 next to their name.

Great. Now we’re talking. 

Now what you want to do to get more LinkedIn connections is to RIGHT CLICK on the people that have 2nd + 3rd next to their name and select “Open in a new tab.”

This action will open up their profile pages.

Great, now click on the “Connect” button at the bottom left of the screen.

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter in a LinkedIn connect message to send this person.

Thankfully you’re not a complete stranger. THEY liked your LinkedIn post, so when you send them your LinkedIn connection request message right now, they won’t be taken by surprise.

Great, these are the first few steps towards how to get connections on LinkedIn. 

Now we have to learn how to craft a good LinkedIn connection request message.

How To Write Your LinkedIn Connection Request Message

When you select the “Connect” button at the bottom of the screen, a pop up will appear asking if you want to “Add a note” to personalize your invitation to this person.

The answer to that question is hell yes.

Click “Add a note” and type in a message like this..

“Hey (their first name here)! Thanks for liking my recent post about ________________. I would love to connect with you here. :)”

how to write your linkedin connection request

That’s how to write a LinkedIn connection request message. Personalize it, keep it short, put some effort into it, and press “Send.”

How To Get Hundreds Of LinkedIn Connections

In short, that’s how to get connections on LinkedIn.

Make great content, check who liked your post, scroll all the way down to find 2nd and 3rd connections, then send them a personalized connection request.

It’s an active process, but once you get an initial bedrock of solid LinkedIn connections, you’ll be able to start growing exponentially.

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