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I'm Leaving in August

I can’t tell you how I know that–it just seems like August is a good time. Seven months from now I’ll be boarding my plane to wherever, with no ticket coming back. How exciting. And scary.

I decided to set that date for myself because we all need a deadline or else we’ll honestly never get around to it, and seven months just flies by.

A few posts ago I outlined my “preparation” for the trip, and I’ll use that information to set up some sort of timeline for my adventure.


February – Purchase my passport

March – Save $1000

April – Learn everything there is to know about Ireland

May – Save $1,000

June – Buy my plane ticket

July – Plan Germany

Early August – Save $1000

Mid-August – Buy computer

Late-August – Bye-Bye USA

So, this is an interesting timeline, and I’m sure changes will be made, but this is doable for me I believe–all I have to do is work damn hard.

A few of the things I can secretly do at the same time. For instance it’s not like I’m going to be BMF during July as I plan Germany, I’m probably going to organically save about $800, which can then be used for my next computer. I purposely put in “soft periods” where I don’t really have to save much money or do much of anything at all–which will help me breathe during the process of painfully putting money to sit in a bank account.

I want to save $3000, and I also need to buy a plane ticket and a computer, which will probably be another $2,000 give or take a few dollars.

So over the next few months I need to be making some serious mullah. The good news is my freelance business is picking up pretty well, and I have a few jobs that are going to provide me with some serious income from here on out.

The passport is an interesting first step. It only costs a hundred dollars or so and it’s an easy commitment when compared to the other things–like buying the actual plane ticket.

It’s nice to have it all laid out. Of course I’ll run into other costs that’s probably going to jack the price up even more, but it’s all part of the process. Rule number one is to just save as much as I can.

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