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How To Write An ‘About Me’ For A Blog (7 Quick Tips)

When you’re first starting, wondering how to write an ‘about me’ for a blog might be one of the first things you think of. However, on platforms like Medium, they’ve only just gotten popular.

An ‘about me’ page sets the tone for your work. It tells the reader who you are, what your intentions are, and whether or not they should stick around.

If you send the wrong message, then they may not see what else you have to offer. Think of it as an extended bio.

But how do you write one? Put your spin on it by all means, but there are a few certified things everyone should do.

1. Use a good-quality approachable photo

One of the more surprising lessons I learned early on was the importance of a good-quality photo. A grainy, out-of-focus picture of you and your mates still leaves the reader wondering whose work they’re reading. Even if they don’t realize it, putting a face to the writing helps relate to the author more.

Get the best solo picture you can find, or go a step further and have a professional take a few photos of you.

Remember, although you’re selling your writing and services, you should make sure you’re promoting your brand as well. You’re putting a face to the brand.

2. Make it clear who you’re writing for

Right from the word go, you will want to grab the reader’s attention. A good way of doing that is by stating who you’re writing for within the first paragraph.

For instance, if you’re writing to other writers, you could start with something like this:

“You’re a writer who dreams of work falling on their lap, thousands of dedicated fans and big pay-days.”

Instantly, the reader knows whether or not this blog is for them or not.

Once you’ve done that, you can work on talking about what you have to offer. Don’t merely agitate their problem; make sure you provide a solution. Give them a reason to stay.

For example:

“I’m going to take you from a writer with dreams to a writer who writes about what they want when they want. With me, you will grow your writing into a fully-fledged business.”

Something like that. Here’s what I’ve done:

3. Keep an eye on formatting

Headlines are vitally important to your writing success. However, it goes further.

When someone clicks on your article, they will skim-read it first. This involves quickly looking at the subheadings and overall formatting of your work.

If there are vast chunks of text without any subheadings, your writing will turn your reader off. Writing can be ugly.

You need to ensure a reader can skim through your about me page and understand what you are saying. If they can’t, then you’re doing something wrong.

Learning how to write an about me for a blog shouldn’t be complex. Neither should the page itself. Give your writing room to breathe and make it easy to navigate.

4. State your credibility

If I were to read your blog, one of the questions I’d ask is, “How can I trust you?”

You could be the greatest fitness trainer in existence, but if you don’t state how long you’ve been doing it for or any qualifications you’ve earned, I am much less likely to trust you. Consequently, the chances of me purchasing anything from you are minimal.

Stating any relevant qualifications and achievements is a sure-fire way to grab someone’s attention. After all, you’ve got to show people you know what you’re talking about. Your credibility backs up your claims. Here’s what mine looks like:

5. Use a friendly but knowledgeable tone

Even if you’re the Einstein of your field, coming across as approachable is a precious weapon. If you come across as bossy, you might accidentally cause readers to think, “He has it all. I could never be like him.” That’s the absolute opposite message you want to put across.

Instead, it would be a good idea to garner a knowledgeable but non-condescending way. That way, they want to learn from you as they feel they can emulate your success. Instead of talking down to your reader, talk to them as if all they need is a helping hand.

This goes hand in hand with credibility. Show you know what you’re talking about but ensure you’re easy to talk to. When you do that, your chances of being recommended will dramatically increase.

6. Tell a relatable story

When you’re relatable, you’re approachable. If I were to sum up how to write an about me for a blog, that would be it.

If you have a blog focused on helping overweight people get into shape, for example, talk about when that happened to you. If it didn’t, use a story from a friend or a client. Showing the reader you can relate with them inspires trust. The more they trust you, the more sales you will make. Here’s mine for reference:

Don’t just stop with a relatable story, however. Talk in a relatable language. Think about how you talk about what you’re writing about. You likely don’t always use formal language, which means your readers don’t either.

For instance, if you run a food blog, label your readers as “foodies.” Or, if you run a parenting blog, call a baby a “little one.” It helps display a sense of realness - you’re not a robot trying to sell your product. You’re a person who wants to improve lives.

7. Include a Call To Action (CTA)

If you want to know how to write an about me for a blog, then chances are you want to sell your products and services. For that, you will need a CTA.

If the about me page is a fishing rod, then including your CTA is you reeling in the line. They will give you their email in return by offering something such as a free guide or checklist. You can then further your relationship with them and have direct access to their inbox.

Besides, you don’t want all of your effort to go to waste. Email capture is your reward.

Learning how to write an ‘about me’ for a blog is a vital skill

Make no mistake about it - the about me page is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your blog into a successful business. But don’t let its importance hang heavy over your head.

It’s a chance to showcase your personality and what you have to offer. You’re giving the reader a chance to get to know you, which is vital if you want to sell your products and services.

So, to summarise, here’s what you should include on your about me page:

  • Use a good-quality approachable photo.
  • Make it clear who you’re writing for.
  • Keep an eye on formatting - make your writing attractive and easy to follow.
  • State your credibility. Why should the reader trust you?
  • Show you know what you’re talking about but in a friendly manner.
  • Tell a relatable story and use approachable language.
  • Include a CTA.

There you have it. Best of luck!

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