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How To Buy Medium Claps Right Now

So, how do you buy Medium claps?

Medium claps are the lifeblood of many bloggers I know. The more claps they get, the more money they make. Some of my friends make $10,000+ every month on Medium alone.

It makes a lot of sense to want to get more claps, but will buying claps on Medium even work the way you want it to? Can you do it in the first place? I’ll answer those questions chronologically.

Can You Buy Medium Claps?

Yes, you can. I mean, technically you can. I’m not sure if the websites that offer this service follow through on their promises, but you can give it a try. Just search “How to buy Medium claps” on Google and you should get 2-3 results that can do it for you.


I’ve written 200+ blog posts on Medium over the last three years. I do not recommend buying Medium claps because claps don’t mean anything on Medium anyway. It’s sort of like believing chocolate cake will hep you lose weight. It won’t. Same thing with Medium claps.

You won’t be able to get REAL exposure on Medium without first getting curated. You could get 1,000 claps on an article and still not get more than 30 views because articles are only promoted more on the platform when they’re curated in certain tags, not when they get more claps. I’ll talk about curation in a second..

Claps are meaningless.

How To Organically Generate More Medium Claps

If you want to still buy Medium claps, that’s fine, but there’s another way to get claps AND actual readers who might comment. That’s by joining certain Facebook groups.

You see, there’s whole Facebook groups full of Medium writers who share and clap for each other’s articles. On certain days the moderators make a post and tell everyone to link their Medium stories below. Then the authors just scroll down and share the love.

Sometimes they leave comments, sometimes they follow, but overall I think this is a much better alternative than buying Medium claps.

A few good groups are MPP Social and the Tribe Builder’s Network.

Why Curation Is More Important Than Buying Medium Claps

I hate hearing that dumb “you can’t game the algorithm” spiel from people. The truth is you can absolutely game the algorithm on many different platforms in a variety of different ways. Growth hacking is real. You can growth hack the heck out of LinkedIn if you really wanted to, you know that?

But Medium is a little different.

The margin for exploitation is narrow, in fact to me it feels non-existent because of the way the creators have setup the platform.

Medium curation is basically Medium’s way of saying they’re going to promote your article in certain “tags” throughout the platform. This results in a flood of views. This is what it looks like:

See the “featured” box? That’s when my story was curated. It then went on to get upwards of 1,000 views per day for 4-5 days. It looks like a mountain of views.

The reality is no amount of claps is going to help a writer get that many views. It doesn’t matter if you buy Medium claps. It’s not going to help.

If you want to learn a bit more about Medium curation and how to get curated on Medium, I have guides for that on this site.

I hope that helps answer the “How to buy Medium claps” question.

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