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12 Benefits Of A Webinar You’ve Never Considered Before

There’s a lot of key benefits of a webinar.

For online course creators, it’s the best way I’ve found to sell your digital products. I’ve sold nearly $200,000 worth of online courses through a simple automated webinar, and I think you can do the same thing if you wanted to.

So, what are all the benefits of a webinar? Let’s get into all twelve of them.

1. It’s The Best Way To Sell A Product

Email marketing typically renders a 2-3% conversion rate if you’re lucky. Webinars can consistently give you a 10-20% conversion rate when you get really good at them. So if you have 100 people in a live webinar room, prepare to make about 10-20 sales.

If you have an online course that’s $399, then congratulations–you just made anywhere from $4,000 - $8,000.

In all my years selling online courses, nothing comes close to the conversion rate of webinars.

2. It’s A Value Bomb For The Audience

One of the huge benefits of a webinar are that they’re a value bomb for the audience. Typically you have a big presentation throughout the first 30-45 minutes of your webinar that’s designed to teach the audience something.

Your ability to talk at length for half an hour about your specific topic can’t be understated.

3. Your Audience Gets To Hear And See You

You’re probably wondering why webinars convert at such a high rate. Well, it’s because your audience can see and hear you. Who are you going to trust more, someone you can see and hear, or someone who just wrote an email to you?

The extra senses go a long way in convincing an audience to buy something from you. That’s why webinars work much better than emails. The proof is in the pudding.

4. You Can Automate Them

The benefits of a webinar don’t stop at what goes on inside the presentation, they also apply to what happens AFTER it’s done. Did you know you can automate webinars completely with a tool like EverWebinar?

The presentation will look and feel like a real webinar, but the audience will have no idea. Now, you could also automate the webinar and let people know it’s recorded, which I think is more ethical. Whatever you decide, just know that automation is on the table so you don’t have to spend hours marketing and hosting a webinar yourself.

5. You Can Do Them Over And Over Again

I’ve changed my Medium masterclass webinar maybe 3 times since 2017. Every time I do a live webinar, I just rehash a presentation I’ve already made. You can do a webinar one time and then host it over and over again afterward with little to no changes.

They’re repeatable, and easy to memorize once you do them enough times.

6. It Can Be An Email List Magnet

When you have an email list, nobody is going to sign up for it. Well, UNLESS, you have something to give them in return. Something of value, like a free email course, or an ebook, or maybe a free coaching session.

One of the great things about webinars is that you can use them as a lead magnet. If your whole intention is to sell digital products, it actually makes more sense to make your webinar the lead magnet since it converts way better than email lists do.

Here’s an example Call-To-Action I’ve used in recent blog posts for my webinar:

So consider this one of the biggest benefits of a webinar. It can kill two birds with one stone.

7. You Get To Answer Questions

My favorite part of the webinar presentation is the end. The 15-20 minutes you have at the very end where people send in their questions to you one-by-one.

Not only does the audience really enjoy this part, but it also helps you sell your products. Being generous (and helpful) with your answers communicates to the audience that you know how to solve their problems.

If you’re someone who can solve their problems, the trust factor skyrockets.

Also, it’s nice to gather some market research. Are there any common questions you got? What do people typically ask about? You can use these findings to make your webinar better and even create other online courses specifically for audience feedback.

8. You Can See What People Resonate With

If you pay close attention to the chat bar, you’ll see people commenting during important moments of your webinar. They’ll write things like “Wow, I’ve never thought of that before!” or “So powerful, I never knew _____!”

Pay close attention to the chat bar–it can help you with future content ideas and tell you which parts of your webinar are the most engaging.

9. You Can Pre-Sell A Product With Them

One of the benefits of a webinar is the fact that you can “pre-sell” a product with them. Most times when you create a digital product online, you want to pre-sell it to make sure people will actually fork over their money for it.

A webinar is the perfect place to do this because you can explain, in detail, what your offer is and that you’re PRE-SELLING it right now. Meaning, you haven’t made it yet.

I pre-sold my first online course, Medium Mastery, with a webinar and made $2,000 in 1 hour. You should do the same if you’re just trying to “proof” an idea.

10. You Can Flip The Script

Most times webinars are synonymous with sales pitches. Everybody’s just waiting for the moment you’re going to shift gears and start pressuring them to buy your latest product.

One of the cool benefits of a webinar is the fact that you can “flip the script” and never give them a sales pitch at all. You can just give them value, value, value and watch people do backflips at the end when they realize you were just trying to be helpful.

It’s a great thing to do, and will endear your audience to you even more.

11. You Practice Being On Camera

A lot of the famous writers I know HATE being on camera. I understand why it’s so nerve-wracking, but to be honest with you, a live webinar is a great place to practice getting over that fear. Why?

Because you never see your audience. You see a number in the top right telling you how many people are in the room, but you never physically see all the souls watching you.

This might be a great place to practice if you want to be a public speaker or if you want to start a Youtube channel. Which leads to my next point..

12. It’s Fun!

Webinars are so much fun to put on when you get good at them. I recommend everybody try it at least one time in their life. I’ve never had a negative comment thrown at me in the chat bar. Everyone is generally so excited to learn and becomes so supportive by the end.

One of the biggest benefits of a webinar is the fact that, well, it’s fun!

I hope you put on your own webinar one day and consider selling products with them. Once again, they’re the reason I’ve made over $200,000 online.

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