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15 Things You Know All Too Well If You Work From Home

Working from home is both a blessing and an absolute bane. Everybody who works from home knows this. We also know there’s a set of truths that only we as a community can relate to.

Because our lives are so weird, I daresay that nobody else will ever understand the comings and goings of our lives as sweatpant-wearing nomads living and working in our dining rooms.

But then again, this countdown is a good place to start.

1. The “alarm” is more of a suggestion than an actual wake-up call.

2. Our attire ranges from “living-room casual” to “bedtime professional”

3. It’s NEVER a bad time for a dog-petting break.

4. Computer problems love to visit us at the EXACT WORST TIME.

5. Us: What great weather we’re having today Today: Casssh me outside, howboww datt?

6. Let me just check my email one ti– OH SWEET HEAVENS

7. Absolutely every text and call MUST be answered immediately, because of reasons.

8. Of course it’s a perfect time to have lunch! And do that other thing we wanted to do for an hour.

9. Facebook surfing, Tweeting, and cat videos absolutely count as billable hours.

10. Every fleeting thought turns into a cavalcade of Facebook statuses.

11. Seriously though, that photo album on Shutterfly isn’t going to make itself.


13. The bathroom is ALWAYS clear.

14. What are commutes?

15. Just because we’re home does NOT mean we aren’t working. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, FAMILY.

These are just a few. What would you have added to the countdown? Leave a comment below, OH and if you want to find out about being a Digital Nomad, the sister lifestyle of the “working-from-home” craze, download my ebook below. It’s free. Hallelujah.

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