Wi-Fi Abroad

Well, if I want to continue freelancing while overseas I’m gonna have to figure out the whole wi-fi situation. Now, I completely understand there’s going to be wi-fi hotspots everywhere, but I need to plan for the worst, people.

I always heard of portable hot spots that you can buy but I never looked into them. Is there a monthly fee? Does it work like a cell phone bill? Was there some sort of data limit? It turns out that some of these things are true and some aren’t.

You can go to a Verizon store (my service provider) and put money down for a hotspot and pay $5 per month for two years, OR you can just buy the darn thing straight up for $199.99.

Either way, you can take it anywhere.

For one, having a hotspot in general is nice as a freelancer. You can do work in the car and out in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Freelancing is already an occupation without boundaries, so being able to truly work anywhere makes it even more “free.”

However, it isn’t free! A monthly plan for 4 gb of data is an extra $30 per month. Watch out for this, as Verizon likes to not make it clear on the site whether you’ll be paying a monthly data fee.

Anyway, a hot spot also solves another common problem: cell phones. If you use your hot spot to connect your phone to the internet, then you won’t have to pay roaming charges. It’s just kind of a badass purchase decision if you ask me.

You can walk around the Swiss Alps yelling “I GOT THE POWER” while holding your hotspot up in the air, streaming the next episode of Downtown Abby directly to your cell phone–or not because you only have 4 gb of data.

Deciding whether to get a hotspot is a difficult choice. I think it definitely falls more into the “want” category than “need,” but it’s still a nice option to have one when travelling abroad.

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