Prepping For A Trip Around The World

Planning a trip around the world is awesome. It not only puts you in a good mood, it also makes you more knowledgeable about a lot of things.

I mean, who the hell would drop everything, get a passport expedited, and literally buy a plane ticket to anywhere?

Ok, that does sound kind of awesome, but unfortunately I’ll be travelling on a budget and planning = saving money. So what are some of my goals, which I believe would be beneficial for anybody interested in travelling to hear, in prepping for my trip?

There’s a few.

First, I’ll need around $2,000.

I have student loans to pay and other expenses that add up to about $500 per month. So what about the other $1500? I want to have enough money to buy an emergency plane ticket home at any time—and they sometimes cost a pretty penny.

Next I want $1,000 in discretionary money.

I’ll need this for any hidden costs that pop up from here to there. I can plan all I want, but I’m sure I’ll miss SOMETHING along the way. I’m horrible at knowing the minor costs of travel.

DSLR Camera

Ok, next is pictures. To take good pictures you need a nice camera, and I want to either buy or borrow a nice DSLR camera for my trip around the world. I’m not trying to run into any copyright issues on my blog, and I’m also relatively interested in maybe breaking into freelance photography. This is a must have for me.

Next I need to figure out my cell phone dilemma.

Some might be reading this going, “That’s so easy to figure out,” but it’s unfortunately something I haven’t figured out yet. Do I add international data for my phone? Is there some sort of international cell service that I can hop on? That’s something I need to definitely take care of.

What about that guap, though?

Guap = currency. What about currency? How do I get money? I know some of you may be laughing but I honestly have no clue how to exchange currencies. What about cards, too? I want to have a credit card or something. All of this is such a whirlwind. This is something I’ll have to figure out.

Last but not least, I need a backup computer

Since I plan to freelance write while I’m travelling the world it makes sense to buy a backup computer just in case my old mac, oh, I don’t know, breaks. Without a computer I have absolutely no access to making money. In many ways this is one of the most important things for me to purchase.

These are just a few things. Obviously I have to figure out where to stay, where to buy food, and other things, but that changes from place to place. I have so many things to figure out, but this is a good starting list. Thanks for reading!



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